The Highgate Claw

Classic 10km Strava Segment of 5 hills, returning to circle the lamp post in Pond Square each time.

Turn-around points

Pond Square

The primary turn-around point is the single lamp post in the middle of Pond Square. Start and finish touching this, and go around it after each hill.

At the bottom of each hill is a physical landmark to touch or go around.


Cross/touch the white line marked "STOP" outside the toilets.

West Hill

Touch/go around the lamp post outside the wine shop, running on the left.

Swain's Lane

Touch the right hand gate post on the far side of Chester Rd, running on the left.

Dartmouth Park

Touch/go around the beacon at the zebra crossing, running on the right.

Highgate Hill

Touch/go around the "heavy vehicles" sign at Magdala Ave, running on the right.

Advanced Challenges

There are additional segments for double and triple efforts.

The Clawathon consists of 4 full reps and a complete rep of Fitzroy.
It does not matter what distance your GPS reads - without a full Fitzroy it is not a Clawathon.

The Ultra Trail de Highgate Claw is 5 complete reps or more. At time of writing only one person has completed this.